This page is dedicated to all things of the past, movies, television, books, etc collected under one page if possible.

Movies, Films & Flix

Pretentiousness is our forte. Awesomeness is our goal.

Hard Ticket to Home Video

A movie review and humor website that reviews movies with humor and humors movies with reviews.

Orphan Asylum

Recommended Books, Comics, & Films

Mondo Confidential

A lurid underworld of the hidden forbidden weird wild wanton and wonderfully wrong


Movie reviews, security stories, poems, books, song lyrics, music life

Miss Meyer

Russ Meyer, sexploitation, horror, cakes, wrestling and other musings...

B&S About Movies

We'll see the movies.

24 Femmes Per Second

Actresses of the fifties and sixties

Monster Legacy

Behind the scenes of the greatest Movie Monsters and Creature Designs

Nightmare Nostalgia

Are you ready to feel the retro fuzzies?

Shadow & Substance

Exploring the Works of Rod Serling


If you want a little historical perspective you're home.

Cool and Groovy, Sexy Movies!

I'm reviewing all the movies I own...and then all the ones I don't

The Telltale Mind

Thoughts on movies, music, comics and stuff.


Film Nights at My Place


david cairns


one filmmaker's musings on genre cinema and filmmaking in general